The Alandale Foundation Trust

The Alandale Foundation Trust holds the shares in Alandale Lifecare Limited for the benefit of the residents.

The Trust Board consists of at least three non-resident Trustees and three resident Trustees, the Village Manager and the Board Treasurer.

The Trustees are appointed by the Alandale Residents’ Advisory Committee.
The Manager and the Treasurer, who are non-voting members, are appointed by the Trust.

The Trustees set the policies by which the Company manages the Village.

Resident Trustees are not ‘representatives’ of the residents or the Advisory Committee per se. They, as Trustees, along with the non-resident Trustees and in accordance with the Trustees Act, must act in the best interest of the whole village

alandale retirement village staff
B Smits 1 (003)-444

Dr Bronwyn Smits  -  Chairperson

I am delighted to be included in the Alandale team and one of the custodians of this beautiful Village.  An independent Director and Trustee of Alandale since 2014, I find my values and beliefs about the Village are still aligned and grow stronger as I understand its attractions and compare these with what’s available in the expanding retirement sector. 

After 25 years working as a specialist veterinarian including eight years as executive director of a biotechnology company taken from start-up to sale, it was time to pursue other goals. Already an active equities and property investor, I am using my business and investment skills in governance in both not for profit and commercial sectors. With husband Jeff, and son Christopher we enjoy a beach house at Whangamata, water skiing on the Waikato River and good company. 
Tonia Cawood, Waikato river retirement home

Tonia Cawood

Living back in my home neighbourhood after two decades living in Dunedin and Auckland, I run an advisory business with a focus on business growth and development, with specialist skills in marketing, funding and governance. My background as a marketing and management specialist started at TVNZ, then moved to Adidas New Zealand as Marketing Manager and have now had my own consultancy for over 12 years working with a range of visionary businesses and projects including private entity, Trusts and Charities.

I'm an Independent Director for Rowing New Zealand, an Independent Director for Tidd Ross Todd Limited and continue working with advisory clients focused on navigating them to growth.  My passions are shared with my young daughter Lily  - we both love show jumping our horses and enjoying our two and half acre block near Cambridge as well as getting out on the many walking and running trails around the region.
20 Alandale 27Nov18 3600px-869

Daniel Henderson

BPA, MBA (Distinction), MRICS, MCR, MInstD

I am passionate about governance, property, sustainability and building communities. With 12 years of board experience and over 20 years of senior management experience in the property industry, I have a deep understanding of the risks and rewards of the industry. I am a member of the Institute of Directors and have a Masters of Business Administration from Massey University.

Experience has taught me that having a long term focus drives the best outcome and returns for shareholders as well as delivering the best outcome for the built environment and the community. I have an extensive network of business and property relationships and am currently a Property Development Manager for Auckland International Airport. Current directorships include the Lake House Arts Trust in Takapuna, Auckland and the New Zealand Green Building Council.

I was born in Hamilton and attended Horsham Downs Primary School. I now have 4 children and live on Auckland’s North Shore but my memories of growing up in the Waikato are very strong which is where my interest in becoming involved with Alandale retirement village started. This is a unique community offering the benefit of freehold titles in one of the best parts of Hamilton nestled on the banks of the Waikato River. I am pleased to be part of the dedicated board looking to protect and enhance this wonderful development.

19 Alandale 27Nov18 3600px-928

Vicky McLennan

Since moving from Christchurch to Hamilton in 2008 to take up the role of Principal at Waikato Diocesan School, I have been an enthusiastic advocate of the city. I enjoy its natural environment, the active lifestyle it offers and the exciting growth and development that is increasingly evident. Nine years of leading the Dio community has also confirmed for me the importance of community engagement to personal purpose and wellbeing. For these reasons, I felt an immediate affinity with the purpose of the Alandale Foundation and look forward to utilising my governance, executive and property development skills and experience for the benefit of the village. I am committed to preserving and enhancing Alandale’s exceptional environment, first-rate facilities and vibrant community spirit and I support the philosophy which allows residents the independence of owning their own homes while also enjoying the security, opportunities and companionship of the village lifestyle.

In 2017 I relinquished the Principal’s role and my husband and I have valued the flexibility this affords us to visit our children overseas and to become more involved in the wider Waikato community. I am currently on the boards of Trust Waikato and the Perry Outdoor Education Trust and I find governance in the not for profit sector to be particularly satisfying. I am also a member of the Institute of Directors and a contractor with the NZ School Trustees Association, providing professional development in governance to school boards.




40 Alandale 21Nov2017 3600px-988

Liz Siber

I am a retired secondary mathematics teacher with a special interest in those students who struggle with learning.

Since arriving in Alandale Village in 2014 I have become very involved in many aspects of village life, especially the Art and Craft Group, and when I began to show an interest in village governance, I was asked to stand for the Trust Board.

I am enjoying the task of being involved in the governing of the village with its varied and complex issues.

22 Alandale 27Nov18 3600px-489

Philip Morriss

I have spent the last 57 Years involved in the construction industry, mostly in the supervision of
multi-storied building construction and a full range of housing.

I was a contract Assessor for the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment for many years to assess New Zealand builders for their licenses. I have been involved in the construction of three retirement villages in Auckland and Mt Maunganui. After volunteer work I have been involved in extensive construction work for the Woman’s Refuge in Hamilton. 

After looking at many Auckland villages I moved to Alandale 5 years ago to be closer to family and because of its connection to the Waikato river and all the associated river walking and biking tracks, added to this, the model of buying and selling your own unit on the open market appealed to my wife and myself. The social life and facilities are all superb. I look forward to playing my part on the board as a trustee and Director to help enhance the village to new heights.


About Us

The Alandale Foundation bought the Village in 1996 and owns the land on which the village is located. The Village is run by a small team and governed by a Board of Trustees made up of resident and non resident trustees. Being a charitable organisation means that profits from Alandale are reinvested into the community for the benefit of current and future residents.

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