The Alandale Foundation Trust

The Alandale Foundation Trust holds the shares in Alandale Lifecare Limited for the benefit of the residents.

The Trust Board consists of at least three non-resident Trustees and three resident Trustees, the Village Manager and the Board Treasurer.

The Trustees are appointed by the Alandale Residents’ Advisory Committee.
The Manager and the Treasurer, who are non-voting members, are appointed by the Trust.

The Trustees set the policies by which the Company manages the Village.

Resident Trustees are not ‘representatives’ of the residents or the Advisory Committee per se. They, as Trustees, along with the non-resident Trustees and in accordance with the Trustees Act, must act in the best interest of the whole village

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Brian Smith(deputy chairman) Hamilton Retirement Community

Brian Smith - Acting Chairman

I am Hamilton born and raised. After receiving the benefit of Dufty Wilson’s teaching I left Hamilton Boys’ High in 1959 and started studying accountancy. Once qualified and in 1965 I joined the Hamilton firm of Bindon, Champion and Fraser and was admitted as a partner in 1968. I practiced with that firm and its successors for 36 years, now under the name of Staples Rodway, and during that time was its managing partner for 12 years. I tutored in Cost and Management Accounting and WTI, a term as President of the Waikato Bay of Plenty Branch of the New Zealand Society of Accountants, on the Board of the national accounting firm Ernst & Young, an inaugural Trustee of the Waikato Medical Foundation, a term as President of Yachting New Zealand, the sports authority and made a Life Member of the Hamilton Yacht Club, as well as raising 3 children.

About the end of 1995, Fletcher Residential, the owners of Alandale decided to sell the village and approached the residents. Early in 1996 I received a call from Peter Sanders (manager) and Graham Hobson (resident) to help decide on a course of action given the residents were not prepared to purchase outright but did not want the village to fall into “commercial” hands. We looked at various scenarios before deciding on the present structure of a charitable trust after successfully negotiating with Fletchers and Countrywide Bank. I was appointed Treasurer by the new Board of Alandale and succeeded Jim Grace upon his retirement from it. I am currently its Deputy Chairman. Now semi -retired, along with Angela we enjoy golf, sailing, travel and grandchildren. I however continue to consult back to Staples Rodway to keep my mind active.
Brian King, Alandale Retirement Community NZ

Brian King

Brian King arrived in Hamilton from Auckland in 1979 as Head Chef and Partner in Gainsborough House Restaurant. He owned and operated a number of successful establishments within the City until a career change in 1991 to real estate.

The next 6 years saw Brian succeed as the Top National and Regional Salesperson, and train as a very competent Auctioneer.  In 1997 he became General Manager of the company, Monarch Real Estate, (Harcourt’s Hamilton), and fulfil the role of head auctioneer. In 2004 he purchased a fifty per cent shareholding in the company.

Today Brian oversees all the Company’s divisions having had expansion in to Property Management, Rural and Lifestyle sales, and commercial leasing and sales. Harcourt’s Hamilton has 6 residential, a Property Management and a Commercial Office within Hamilton.

Brian is a Foundation board member for Hospice Waikato, helping to oversee investments and future planning for the Hospice Trust.  He is also a member of the Waikato Medical Research Foundation.

2013 saw Brian receive the Paul Harris Fellowship Award for services to Charities and local organisations.

 Brian has an extensive network of business and personal associations throughout New Zealand, enabling him to raise substantial funds for people in need, including sporting and charitable organisations.
Dr Bronwyn  Smits Alandale retirement village

Dr Bronwyn Smits

I am delighted to be included in the Alandale team and one of the custodians of the beautiful surroundings and ambiance of the Village.  Living down the road, I often wondered what facilities extended beyond the gate and about the community that reaches up from the river walk, along which I pushed my child’s stroller.  Now in high school, Christopher is growing up and the inevitable changes we all face, provoke reflection about what we can give back to the local community and what goals there are to still fulfil. 

After 25 years working as a specialist veterinarian including eight years as executive director of a biotechnology company taken from start-up to sale, I decided it was time to pursue other goals. Already an active equities and property investor, I am focussed on using my business and investment skills in governance. My commercial business background is now complemented by updated finance and governance training, as well as involvement in the Institute of Directors and Waikato Innovative Thinking Business Network. With husband Jeff, a beach house at Whangamata and a love of cuisine, the arts and enjoyment of stimulating company, my life is full and rewarding.
 Alandale residential care, New Zealand

Judy Forster

Before I came to live at Alandale I had a wide and varied career including being a Mum to two boys (now adults with their own children), farming and working for Radio New Zealand where I ended up as Accounts Manager. This was followed by Administration Manager for Arthur Young Accountants, then a position of Administration and Finance Manager for the YWCA. I then spent time on both the YMCA and YWCA Boards.
During this time I also managed our own property portfolio, including overseeing some commercial developments. I have lived at Alandale for 10 years and feel that the time is right to put something back into the village as a resident Trustee.
Rosanna Baird, Alandale retirement community

Rosanna Baird

I was appointed as the Treasurer by the Board in 2003, as the successor to Brian Smith upon his appointment to the Board and I have loved every year of my involvement with the Village!  I am Hamilton born and raised and started my accounting career in 1994  as a graduate with the firm that was then known as Ernst & Young, now Staples Rodway.  After 6 years of hard work and dedication I took the leap from employee to employer and become a Director of the firm in 2001. 10 years later the time was right for another challenge, so I stepped into the position of Managing Director for the firm in 2011.  With a blended role of leading and inspiring the Staples Rodway team to be the best that they can be and working closely with clients of the firm to be the “sounding board” for their own businesses, there is always an opportunity to make a difference in some way. 
I am also a Trustee for two other local charitable organisations, Waikato Medical Research Foundation and Balloons Over Waikato.  I have a love for all styles of dance, having spent many years in dance classes as a kid and teaching both Jazz and Tap for many years in the past.  I also enjoy being active, with my current favourite activities being Yoga and running up the Hakarimata Stairs.   
Tonia Cawood, Waikato river retirement home

Tonia Cawood

Living back in my home neighbourhood after two decades living in Dunedin and Auckland, I run an advisory business with a focus on business growth and development, with specialist skills in marketing, funding and governance. My background as a marketing and management specialist started at TVNZ, then moved to Adidas New Zealand as Marketing Manager and have now had my own consultancy for over 12 years working with a range of visionary businesses and projects including private entity, Trusts and Charities.

I'm an Independent Director for Rowing New Zealand, an Independent Director for Tidd Ross Todd Limited and continue working with advisory clients focused on navigating them to growth.  My passions are shared with my young daughter Lily  - we both love show jumping our horses and enjoying our two and half acre block near Cambridge as well as getting out on the many walking and running trails around the region.
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Liz Siber

I am a retired secondary mathematics teacher with a special interest in those students who struggle with learning.

Since arriving in Alandale Village in 2014 I have become very involved in many aspects of village life, especially the Art and Craft Group, and when I began to show an interest in village governance, I was asked to stand for the Trust Board.

I am enjoying the task of being involved in the governing of the village with its varied and complex issues.

About Us

The Alandale Foundation bought the Village in 1996 and owns the land on which the village is located. The Village is run by a small team and governed by a Board of Trustees made up of resident and non resident trustees. Being a charitable organisation means that profits from Alandale are reinvested into the community for the benefit of current and future residents.

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