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It is a requirement for retirement villages to have a Statutory Supervisor.  

Alandale's  Statutory Supervisor is  Covenant Trustee Services Limited  ("Covenant").    They are an independent statutory supervisor.  It is their job to keep an eye on how our village is being run.

Their authority to act comes from the Retirement Villages Act 2003 ("Act").  That Act requires, with a few exceptions, that every retirement village must be registered and that the operator of a retirement village must appoint a statutory supervisor.

They are well equipped to be Alandale's statutory supervisor.  They perform the role of statutory supervisor for around half of New Zealand's registered retirement villages and  have been supervising retirement villages for more than 28 years.

The DAA Group provides audit services that are designed to determine whether the quality/risk management system of the client firstly complies with the relevant standards and secondly has been properly implemented and maintained. The DAA Group does not provide advice on compliance with any legislation or other laws. All audit reports and other documentation provided by the DAA Group are given in good faith and in reliance on the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the client.

The DAA Group Limited (hereafter called the DAA Group) has been designated, under Section 32 of the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 to audit healthcare services by the Director-

General of Health.
The DAA Group is a limited liability company registered with the New Zealand Companies Office. The company has been accredited to ISO 17021 and ISO 19011, and by ISQua to provide certification and accreditation to a range of healthcare services.

The service has been assessed in relation to Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008 (with variations included October 2013).

The auditor meets the competencies of ISO 19011, and follows the principles of auditing as outlined in ISO 19011 and as required by ISO 17021.

Alandale Lifestyle Village has policies and processes in place to meet the Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008 (with variations October 2013).

The auditor’s recommendation is for three years certification.


The most distinguishing feature of Alandale Lifestyle Village is the palpable atmosphere of community spirit and the extent of resident initiated activities. Although participation is voluntary, a large percentage of residents have been, or still are, involved in organising what happens within the village. This fosters ongoing independence, a greater sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. One resident stressed the importance of not having a continuing care facility on site as this prevents any ‘sense of institution’. Everybody attested to the freedom and security they experienced in the village.

The residents expressed positive and excellent feedback about the frequency and effectiveness of the general manager’s communication and management style.
About Us

The Alandale Foundation bought the Village in 1996 and owns the land on which the village is located. The Village is run by a small team and governed by a Board of Trustees made up of resident and non-resident trustees. Being a charitable organisation means that profits from Alandale are reinvested into the community for the benefit of current and future residents.

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