Alandale residents and many friends were treated to great entertainment recently.

The Alandale Singers, led by Judy Forster accompanied by Janice Blewden and narrator Rosie Polley, took us back to the early days of settlement in America and especially OKLAHOMA.  A story told in music.

Every member's enjoyment and dedication came through in the full choir and solo items.  This made for a most enjoyable afternoon of songs, laughter and memories!

Our singers were repaid in rapturous applause and cups of tea!


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Inter-Village Quiz Afternoon

Alandale hosted the Hamilton Inter-Village Quiz on Tuesday 16th July. Eleven teams from six different Retirement/Lifestyle villages locked horns in a tense contest in the games room.

After facing four rounds of general knowledge questions there was a tie between two teams; so tie-breaker questions had to be used. The overall winner was Summerset Down the Lane

The quiz was followed by a delicious afternoon tea and everyone went home very happy.



'Top Of The Table Snooker Championship Final'

No, it's not a fancy dress function, it's the final of the 'Top Of The Table Snooker Championship'.

Commencing the championship with twenty players, after five weeks of very competitive snooker, our two finalists were found.

As with most of the activities at our lifestyle village, age is not a concern, proven on this occasion by the fact that one of our finalists recently celebrated his 90th birthday.  What a fantastic effort to have him complete in the Championship final.

In the best of five frames final, watched by a very knowledgeable band of supporters, 'youth' prevailed with a display of excellent potting and subtle snookers from both the worthy finalists.



Rototuna Junior High Students
bring good cheer and smiles to Alandale

Alandale residents were lucky enough to receive a visit from Rototuna Junior High School student, Zsalia and classmates recently.

As part of their class study, the Junior High students had to come up with an idea of how they could do some good in their local community.  

Zsalia's group decided they would do some baking and hand it out to the residents at Alandale.

Our residents loved the suprise of their visit and appreciated the delicious home baking treats (especially after exercise class!).   The Sit & Be Fit class appreciated their efforts so much the students received a clap for their thoughtfulness and lovely gesture. 


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Residents vs Students

As part of their ongoing class of 'Connecting with the Elderly', students from Rototuna Senior High have spent time at Alandale learning some of the recreational activities that are enjoyed by the residents here at Alandale.  

As weather permitted, the students were taught how to play indoor and outdoor bowls, snooker/pool and golf croquet.

Students rotated around two activities per visit so they all got a good understanding of the different sports.   

It was a great experience for students and residents alike - teaching and learning is an ongoing process, no matter what your age.



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Farewell Brian & Rosanna

At a recent Residents' Meeting, the Alandale Foundation Board Chairman & Treasurer were farewelled. 

Brian Smith had been on the Alandale Foundation Board for 23 years.  During this time Brian held the positions of Treasurer, Board Member, Deputy Chairman and Chairman.

Rosanna Panettiere had been the Treasurer for the Alandale Foundation Board for the past 16 years.

We wish Brian and Rosanna all the very best in their future endeavours and thank them for their loyal service to Alandale.


Brian 2-125-545

Technology Help

As part of our ongoing relationship with the local High School, Rototuna Senior High students Kate & Ryan, have come into the village a couple of times to work with a few residents who wanted some help and advice with their technology.

Residents Jo and Isabella have been very impressed with the student's attitude,  level of knowledge and what they have been able to help them with.



Celebrating Our Over 90's

Every year here at Alandale we celebrate our residents who are over 90.   The Social Committee organise a very special afternoon tea in their honour and all residents are welcome to attend.

Every Over 90 resident is assigned a buddy, who accompanies them for the afternoon.  They begin with photos, are given a special gift (made by the Alandale Craft Group), and then enjoy the entertainment before being served a delicious afternoon tea.   Every effort goes into making these residents feel very special indeed.

This year's entertainment was Helen Riley, a singer/pianist/entertainer from Matamata.   She took the residents on a trip down memory lane with songs from the 40's and 50's.   Her beautiful voice was mesmerising and it wasn't long before she had many residents singing along with her and tapping their toes while they all enjoyed the music.

It was a wonderful afternoon for our over 90's.


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Rototuna Senior High visits Alandale

Last week a group of approx 20 students from Rototuna Senior High visited Alandale as part of their Community Project class, "Connecting with the Elderly'.     The purpose of their visit was to engage with the 'Wizards' (an affectionate term the students used to describe the wise older generation).  They wanted to learn about Alandale, what struggles the older generation face today, how they can help the elderly as a school community, etc.  

Students arrived bright and early to participate in Steph's Strong & Stable exercise class.   This class proved to be bit of a challenge for the youthful students much to the surprise of students and residents alike.    Next they joined the residents at Coffee Morning where they mixed and mingled, chatting away over the delicious spread of sweet and savoury food, tea and coffee.    Then the students sat down with a few residents to talk a bit more, finishing their morning at Alandale with a tour of the complex and grounds.

It was a wonderful morning which was enjoyed by all.   The residents were very impressed by the students and their attitudes.   The students were equally impressed by the friendly 'Wizards' and Alandale, with one or two hoping to retire early to move in.



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