NZ Post & the Paxster


Recently three representatives from NZ Post came along with one of their new postal delivery vehicles, a Paxster, for a show and tell presentation.    

The residents found this to be a very interesting vehicle and even got up quite close and personal with it investigating all that it can do.  One or two even offered to take the Paxster for a drive!




Tuesday Club Special  -  Orbiter Bus Trip


On Tuesday 9th January approx 35 residents boarded the Orbiter Bus outside the Alandale gates and went on a special trip.

First stop was the Rescue Helicopter Pad at Waikato Hospital.   

Here they were treated to a tour around the Hangar, had a presentation and got to see the helicopters up close.   They even got to see one of the helicopters in action as it's services were required elsewhere.

Those who attended were thrilled with what they saw and got to experience.   It was a very informative visit and the appreciation for the Westpac Rescue Helicopters, along with their pilots and crew,  grew a little more as a result. 

Back on the Orbiter Bus the next stop was at the "Moziak Cafe" at the Base for lunch and a quiz.

Finally returning to Alandale early afternoon for a well deserved rest.  A brilliant day organised by Elgar and enjoyed by many.



20180109 110310PS-336

New Year's Eve


Approx 70 residents attended a get-together on the 31st December.   Drinks, light refreshments, good friends mixing and mingling was a pleasant way to celebrate the end of 2017.  LLater in the evening DJ Tony made an appearance and he is keen to come back and get everyone up  jiving and twisting away. 

The following day on 1st January residents welcomed in the New Year with a BYO New Year's Day Luncheon Celebration which was held on the Riverside patio.   The day was enjoyed by so many that it is hoped the BYO Luncheons on the Riverside will become a regular event during the warmer months.



20171231 201609PS-300

Christmas Dinner


The annual Christmas Dinner is always a night to look forward too without exception.   This year was a particularly warm evening, however, it didn't stop the 130 residents from enjoying themselves and spending the night with fabulous friends.

A delicious buffet of traditional Christmas offerings including Roast Turkey, Champagne Ham, Roast Veges, Salads, Christmas Pudding, Pavlova ,etc delighted everyone's tastebuds.

A Country & Western band kept everyone entertained.

A wonderful evening with a great atmosphere  despite the warm weather conditions.  




Strong & Stable Exercise Class


A new exercise class has started at Alandale and it's got the residents up and out of their chairs working up a sweat.   

Instructor Steph puts them all through their paces, within their capabilities, with a smile on her face and her upbeat music.

This is fast becoming a popular class and is enjoyed by all who attend.



The Quilt 

In January 2017 members of the Alandale Art & Craft Group began working on a quilt.  10 Members of the group made blocks, worked on the edge and backing of the quilt and created a beautiful masterpiece.  What a talented group of ladies!

The beautiful quilt that they created was hung in the main reception foyer for four months while raffle tickets were sold to win it.  Many residents, staff, contractors and visitors to the village admired the quilt and appreciated the hard work and effort by put in to create the quilt. 

The proceeds of the raffle went to The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and the quilt was won by Lou.  Lou then  donated the quilt back to the village and it is now proudly on display in the Lounge for all to admire it's beauty.



Alandale Singers 

In 2017 the 'Alandale Singers' were formed and they have had an enjoyable, successful and full year.

The choir made up 25-30 residents, along with Judy, the Musical Director,  and Janice,  their Accompanist,  have attended weekly practices and all have thoroughly enjoyed it.    They have all found it quite uplifting and after each practice everyone is smiling and happy.

The Alandale Singers put on two concerts during the year and both were attended by a large crowd of appreciative people. Some being families of those in the choir, but also a good attendance of residents.

We look forward to seeing what 2018 brings for this group of talented residents.


Alandale Singers-595-82-85


Congratulations to Paul, Harley, John & Bryan on their 'moustache' growing efforts in support of Movember and Prostate Cancer.

A total of $120 was raised the night of the big 'shave off' and was donated to Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ.

Thanks to all the residents who supported this worthy cause.



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