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Alandale Retirement village is nestled in an active area of Hamilton, here you will be able to enjoy a relaxed environment where you can continue to be active and still have your social lifestyle you are used to. At Alandale you have peace of mind being financially free by owning your own Villa.

Whether you are looking to downsize with less home maintenance or you are wanting the security of being in a welcoming and safe community Alandale can make make sure you get the best out of your retirement.

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Retirement Villas

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What is the entry age to the village?

The age is 65

Can I purchase a property and then rent it?

No … it states in the Occupation Right Agreement (ORA) that subletting is not permitted.

The properties have a unit ORA so can I make alterations to the property?

Yes! You can make alterations to the interior of the property and add extensions like a conservatory with management permission.

Who pays the rates?

As these are unit title properties the owner pays HCC & regional rates which vary from property to property & can be found on the HCC website by typing the street address.

How many days does it take from signing a sales and purchase agreement to settlement?

It takes 33 days (minimum) for signing the sales and purchase agreement to settlement including a 15 day cooling off period: work days excluding weekends.

Do I have to insure the property?

No … Alandale covers all property insurance and the village infa-structure, retainer walls and services, but not personal contents insurance.

Can I refurbish and make any alterations to the property before settlement?

The vendor would not normally allow you to start this work until settlement, but they would normally allow tradesman access to measure and quote.

When do I have to start paying weekly fees?

The weekly fee is payable to the village from the day following settlement regardless as to whether you have moved in or not.

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About Us

The Alandale Foundation bought the Village in 1996 and owns the land on which the village is located. The Village is run by a small team and governed by a Board of Trustees made up of resident and non-resident trustees. Being a charitable organisation means that profits from Alandale are reinvested into the community for the benefit of current and future residents.

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